Scrub Care 



Caring for your Scrubs

Keep your scrubs in the best condition possible!

CONSULT THE LABEL FOR CARE. Every garment that you purchase has a care label. Always consult the label as it may contain specific care instruction for that fabric.

SORT LAUNDRY BEFORE WASHING. Wash fabrics according to light or dark colors. Washing delicate fabrics separate from sturdy fabrics protects the delicate materials, which might be damaged by rubbing against coarse fabrics. Wash items that produce lint (i.e., towels) separate from your scrubs.

TREAT STAINS IMMEDIATELY. Use a spot remover that is appropriate for the type of stain and fabric. Test the spot remover on an inside seam before using on the stain. If you are taking the garment to the dry cleaner (i.e. a Lab Coat), point out any spots so they can be given extra attention.

PRESSING, STEAMING AND ELIMINATING WRINKLES. When you iron clothes use the proper heat setting for the type of fabric. An iron that is too hot can ruin fabrics. Steam can assist you with eliminating wrinkles from cottons, polyester and blends. And if you hate to iron try a clothing wrinkle remover -- you just spray it on the garment and tug on it gently to smooth out the wrinkles. The spray works well on knits.

FABRIC SOFTENERS AND MOISTURE WICKING FABRICS. Do not use fabric softeners on garments with moisture wicking fabrics. Fabric softeners coat the fibers and reduce the effectiveness. Fabric Softeners may also accelerate the fading of the garment.

HANGERS WITH SUPPORT. Use good quality hangers. Flimsy wire hangers allow clothes to sag out of shape or may even cause damage to the shoulders.

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